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Live Better, Work Smarter

All the back-of-house tasks you're doing now, in a single app. From inventory and shift-to-shift communication, to creating schedules 75% faster and keeping your team on the same page. Start saving up to $600 per year now!

Cure Your Spreadsheet Headache

Run your entire restaurant with one app.

CheddrSuite is an online restaurant software designed to simplify the management of your food and beverage business. It replaces paper clutter, eliminates the need for multiple apps, and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.


Gone are the days of spreadsheets, staff confusion and the constant "when do I work" phone calls.

  • Text & email shift notifications
  • Online trade board
  • Copy/Paste last schedule
  • Overtime alerts
  • Work preference indicator


Advanced control and reporting to help you stay on top of operations.

  • Daily Checklists for employees
  • Sales by service time
  • Shift logs
  • Invoices


Maintain stock minimums with automated PO generation

  • Take inventory
  • Create recipe blocks
  • Track SKUs
  • Purchase orders and standing orders


Upload and manage all of the documents you need for day-to-day operations

  • Manage employee tax documents
  • Upload and update menus
  • Create quizzes to verify employee knowledge
  • Optionally require signature or passing quiz score on docs, and make mandatory before sign-on


Track and manage vendors by type in one convenient place!

  • Create groups
  • Organize contact information


Comprehensive overviews of revenue, cost and goals in real time

  • Sales reports
  • Payroll reports
  • Easy profit/loss statements
  • Set and manage business goals


Centralize staff communication to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Text & email notifications
  • Online messaging wall
  • Event & task reminders

Simple Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your needs!


All the advanced restaurant management tools you need!

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Shift Trade Board
  • Email Notifications
  • Text Notifications 300/mo
  • Shift Log
  • Inventory Management
  • Documents & HR
  • Vendors
  • Advanced Reporting
  • POS Integration


All the "Plus" features, along with POS integration. The end-to-end restaurant management solution

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Shift Trade Board
  • Email Notifications
  • Text Notifications Unlimited
  • Shift Log
  • Inventory Management
  • Documents & HR
  • Vendors
  • Advanced Reporting
  • POS Integration

Who Are We?

We're restaurant owners like you!

CheddrSuite was created by a team of restaurant owners with decades of industry experience. We have juggled the paper clutter mess of invoices, schedules, spreadsheets, complicated POS reports, napkin scribbles, and sticky notes. We know the challenge of getting information out to staff and communicating issues shift to shift. We've experienced the pain of onboarding employees, training them correctly, and keeping them updated on changes. Most importantly, we understand how hard it is to tell if you are making or losing money, or why.

CheddrSuite was created as an easy to use tool to solve these problems for you. We are passionate about helping you increase profitability. Cheddrsuite provides a one-stop solution for the day to day operations of your restaurant so you can get back to doing what you love, running your business!