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Restaurant Recovery Resources

If you're one of the many restaurants who's been affected by COVID-19, we want to help. Optimizing your communication effort and CONTINUING TO ENGAGE YOUR EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS is absolutely vital to the success of your business!

We're providing this emergency webinar series with a focus on "RECOVERY PLANNING" and the practical things you can do NOW to help weather this storm.

Restaurant Recovery Webinar Series

Cohosted by CheddrSuite CEO Javier Cadena and Geoff Chaney, Partner at RELENTLESS Management Group, along with various restaurant industry experts

Communication, Operations, SBA Loans Part I

Our first webinar covers communicating to set expections with staff and customers, managing operations and COGS, and acting quickly to secure loans through the SBA.

4 Must Do's to Get Your House in Order Part II

In this webinar, we're joined by Jaime Oikle of, and we cover:
  • Prime Cost/Menu
  • Multiple revenue Streams
  • List Building & Communication
  • People/Staff

Tapping Into the Wedding and Events Market Part III

  • Learn how to approach Event Planners
  • Define your offering
  • Collect payments up-front
  • Cater events at alternative venues
  • Manage staff and events

Guidelines for Reopening, SBDC Resources Part IV

Judy Mahan of the San Luis Obispo, CA SBDC joins us to discuss:

  • Review national guidelines for restaurant reopening
  • Update on PPP
  • SBDC resources available in your community
  • Updating financial forecasting
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Workforce assessment
  • Following your local state and county guidelines

Reopening, The Need To Adopt Technology Part V

Special guests Stan, Mirjam, & Shanny – local San Luis Obispo county restaurant owners – join us as we discuss:

  • Update on PPP
  • How your businesses have changed
  • The need to adopt technology moving forward
  • Getting ready for reopening

Adopting Restaurant Technology Part VI

In this espisode, we discuss using technology to run your restaurant more efficiently and profitably:

  • Centralize back-of-house management
  • Streamlining employee on-boarding
  • POS integration and financial reporting
  • Cloud based document management

Guidelines for Cleaning & Sanitizing Part VII

  • FREE Cleaning and Sanitation Guideline template
  • FREE Daily/Weekly Staff Checklists
  • How to communicate these guidelines with customers and staff
  • How to automate tasks to ensure daily/weekly items are being completed!

Managing Third-Party Delivery Systems Part VIII

We're joined by Your Fare CEO Chris Monk to discuss:

  • 3rd-party ordering
  • Top ordering platforms
  • Commissions
  • Streamlining ALL 3rd-party orders into one dashboard