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How CheddrSuite and Mad Mobile Integrate

  • Auto-import staff for scheduling
  • Import shift data
  • Import employee timeclocks

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CheddrSuite and Mad Mobile Integration:

Employee Management, Scheduling, Financials, Inventory, Internal Communication, HR Documentation and Vendor Management.
CheddrSuite is an online restaurant software designed to simplify the management of your restaurant. It replaces paper clutter, eliminates the need for multiple apps, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
Here is a listing and description of some of our customer's favorite CheddrSuite features:
  • Scheduling: Create and share the perfect schedule with your entire team.
  • Log: Advanced control and reporting to help you stay on top of operations.
  • Inventory: Maintain stock minimums with automated PO generation.
  • Documents: Upload and manage all of the documents you need for day-to-day operations.
  • Reports: Comprehensive overviews of revenue, cost and goals in real-time.
CheddrSuite integrates with your Mad Mobile POS and lets you run your entire restaurant with one app!

Employee Scheduling

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, staff confusion and the constant "when do I work" phone calls.

  • Text & email shift notifications
  • Online trade board
  • Copy/Paste last schedule
  • Overtime alerts
  • Work preference indicator

Shift Trade Board

Out with the Post-Its and phone calls – get streamlined with with trackable, organized, manager-approved trades.

  • Staff post shifts for trade
  • Set staff permissions for trade pick up eligibility
  • Trades pending until manager approval
  • Dashboard alerts of shift trade status

Staff Communication

Keep everyone up-to-date via text message, email, and message board.

  • Send schedules
  • Online messaging wall
  • Share Events and Task Reminders
  • Text and email alerts for shift trades
  • Send emails to individuals, specific groups or all staff
  • Receive emails
  • Dashboard to review communications
  • Archive email messages and wall posts
  • Communicate shift trades and to do lists

Documents & HR

Upload and manage all of the documents you need for day-to-day operations

  • Manage employee tax documents
  • Upload and update menus
  • Create quizzes to verify employee knowledge
  • Optionally require signature or passing quiz score on docs, and make mandatory before sign-on

Shift Log

Advanced control and reporting to help you stay on top of operations.

  • Daily Checklists for employees
  • Sales by service time
  • Shift logs
  • Invoices

Inventory Management

Maintain stock minimums with automated PO generation

  • Take inventory
  • Create recipe blocks
  • Track SKUs
  • Purchase orders and standing orders


Track and manage vendors by type in one convenient place!

  • Create vendor groups
  • Organize contact information staff can access
  • Add notes about each vendor
  • Add tags and notes to vendor for easy search

Advanced Reporting

Comprehensive overviews of revenue, cost and goals in real time

  • Payroll reports
  • Sales reports
  • Set and manage business goals
  • Customizable report fields and time periods
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Cost of Goods reports
  • Last year compared to spot trends

POS Integration

Integrate your current POS system with CheddrSuite to optimize your operational management.
  • Import sales data
  • Cost of labor accuracy
  • Integrates with industry-leading systems – check with us for a complete list
  • Import employees information and inventory for a quick start