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How CheddrSuite and Integrate

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Employee Scheduling

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, staff confusion and the constant "when do I work" phone calls.

  • Text & email shift notifications
  • Online trade board
  • Copy/Paste last schedule
  • Overtime alerts
  • Work preference indicator

Shift Trade Board

Out with the Post-Its and phone calls – get streamlined with with trackable, organized, manager-approved trades.

  • Staff post shifts for trade
  • Set staff permissions for trade pick up eligibility
  • Trades pending until manager approval
  • Dashboard alerts of shift trade status

Staff Communication

Keep everyone up-to-date via text message, email, and message board.

  • Send schedules
  • Online messaging wall
  • Share Events and Task Reminders
  • Text and email alerts for shift trades
  • Send emails to individuals, specific groups or all staff
  • Receive emails
  • Dashboard to review communications
  • Archive email messages and wall posts
  • Communicate shift trades and to do lists

Shift Log

Advanced control and reporting to help you stay on top of operations.

  • Daily Checklists for employees
  • Sales by service time
  • Shift logs
  • Invoices

Inventory Management

Maintain stock minimums with automated PO generation

  • Take inventory
  • Create recipe blocks
  • Track SKUs
  • Purchase orders and standing orders

Documents & HR

Upload and manage all of the documents you need for day-to-day operations

  • Manage employee tax documents
  • Upload and update menus
  • Create quizzes to verify employee knowledge
  • Optionally require signature or passing quiz score on docs, and make mandatory before sign-on


Track and manage vendors by type in one convenient place!

  • Create vendor groups
  • Organize contact information staff can access
  • Add notes about each vendor
  • Add tags and notes to vendor for easy search

Advanced Reporting

Comprehensive overviews of revenue, cost and goals in real time

  • Payroll reports
  • Sales reports
  • Set and manage business goals
  • Customizable report fields and time periods
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Cost of Goods reports
  • Last year compared to spot trends

POS Integration

Integrate your current POS system with CheddrSuite to optimize your operational management.
  • Import sales data
  • Cost of labor accuracy
  • Integrates with industry-leading systems – check with us for a complete list
  • Import employees information and inventory for a quick start